Trustee /Facilities

Event/Activities/Meeting Request Form for Mt. Pleasant UMC Calendar and Facilities
Event/Activity Information
Mt. Pleasant ISN’T liable for any incidents or accident that may occur on the Ballfield or Walking Park/Basketball Court**
Overhead • TV-VCR-DVD •Screen • Projection Unit •Microphone *White Board Tables–Quantity •Chairs–Quantity •Easel Quantity •Podium–Quantity
TO USE THE CHURCH FACILITY, YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES ARE: I will be the accountable person for this event, and will check in and out of the facility with the caretaker. I will be responsible for: (1) leaving the room(s) in order; (2) disposing of trash; (3) if kitchen is used, cleaning per kitchen use instructions; (4) if supplies are used, putting supplies back in their storage places.
We ask you to leave a Donation/Love Offering for the use of Church Property